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Playing to Our Strengths - A virtual event celebrating International Women's Day 2021

Playing to Our Strengths - A virtual event celebrating International Women's Day 2021

March 8, 2021 | Past Events

IN CELEBRATION of International Women's Day 2021, The Hock Group hosted a virtual event with Rebecca Felton, Senior Market Strategist at Riverfront Investment Group, delivering a presentation titled "Playing to our Strengths," a thoughtful discussion on women's strengths when it comes to investing. Her presentation can be seen here:

It is a privilege to hear Rebecca live, as indicated by a few of the comments/things learned from the day:

To have process over prediction, also that women are more risk aware.

Good thought starters on managing investments - and also that superheroines are great role models!

I can play to my strengths. The things that others may perceive as weakness are not so and I can take who I am and use it in a strategy that will support my life.

That Warren Buffet invests like a girl, which is what I always suspected.

I loved the idea of taking charge of m finances "like a girl", and using all my strengths to make good decisions!

While this presentation was the "heart" of the time spent together, Lana Hock began the conversation by sharing a "little secret" about her WFH environment, surrounded by female superheroes:

Also Lana shared a few excerpts from "Powers of a Girl," a Marvel book written by Lorraine Cink and beautifully illustrated by Alice X. Zhang, along with a video from the #WomenofMarvel in honor of International Women's Day:

The first big reveal was that everyone in attendance was going to receive their own copy of Lorraine's book!

After Rebecca's presentation, Lana introduced another friend, Karen Kampfl, creator of SoulSpark Candles.

Karen shared with the group her inspiration and the introduction of "A Spark of Strength" her latest candle commemorating our event! The second big surprise was that all attendees were also going to receive the Strength candle.

This event was interesting, exciting, and even a bit playful as we celebrated #IWD2021 #Marvel #FemaleSuperPowers #WomenandInvesting #womenentrepreneurs

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