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Your Opinion Matters

Your Opinion Matters

January 23, 2021

“Did reading glasses …meet your expectations?” Amazon tells me my opinion matters. In my opinion, your opinion matters too!

Yes, I admit to buying reading glasses. Multiple reading glasses in multiple colors! Do I wear them because I am over 50? Is it because I have the oddest contact prescription on the planet (thanks to botched Lasik surgery years ago)? Do I want to make a fashion statement? Or am I just a raving fan of Amazon because they can deliver what I want, when I want it, dropped at my doorstep? My reasons are obviously unique to me, but the question is posed to everyone who purchased the same thing – or anything for that matter.

We know you have choices when it comes to seeking financial advice. I often say the solutions are the commodity of financial services. The education of the process, developing your unique strategy, delivery, and ongoing service are what sets The Hock Group apart (and ahead) of most others in this business.

It did not take a pandemic to realize we need to be in constant contact with our clients, helping them to filter the noise and stay laser-focused on their goals. I share my opinion and advice because I believe clients pay me to have an opinion. But more importantly, I believe they pay me to listen to their opinion too, and I respect that in all that I do.

If your advisor has never asked you if he/she is meeting your expectations or even simply told you “your opinion matters,” perhaps you would like a second opinion on the health and well-being of your plan. Consider it no different than the finely tuned Amazon follow-up machine. Are we meeting your expectations? YOUR OPINION MATTERS!