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Re-Runs, Re-Plays, and Retirement

Re-Runs, Re-Plays, and Retirement

April 16, 2020

RE-RUNS, REPLAYS and RETIREMENT. Do they have anything to do with each other? OR, are we just fans of alliteration?

One thing I will remember about the COVID-19 pandemic is that in the middle of it, one of the great comedies of the last decade came to an end – Modern Family. Now whether you liked the show or not, it did depict the not-so-normal daily life of several unconventional “modern” families. It was creatively scripted and always unpredictable and you can’t argue about the show’s entertainment value with the many Emmy awards and other accolades received over the years. Many of us, with new found “time” might even tune in to re-runs for a little comic relief. I’m even considering binge-watching all 11 seasons.

There are two obvious (or not) connections to Modern Family we’d like to share. A few years ago, when we added “Modern Advisors for Modern Families” as a tagline for our team The Hock Group, the intent was to emphasize the uniqueness of families and the importance of financial planning that is customized to that end. Now, more than ever, when we are all working from home, or otherwise gathered as a family in closer quarters than we might like, some of the unique family dynamics are even more apparent. AND, while every day may feel like a re-run of an episode of Modern Family right now, it is an opportunity to embrace and plan for what our modern lives have dealt us. Use the technology wisely; use the time wisely; and use your professional network (including us) productively. We truly are positioned to help with advice and guidance regardless of your family structure or circumstances.

The markets also can feel like a bad re-run of unpleasant times. It is during these re-runs that I fall back on one of my mental toughness training mantras – “Ain’t bad, just is…” We remind you what we said in our first “pandemic” communication-- While every single stock market crash is different in its nature and its cause, one thing that is fairly consistent every time is the recovery. The market goes down but it has never stayed down. Despite the headlines, we are not willing to bet that this is the time the world actually ends. That bet has never paid off.

So, what can we do to enjoy, or at least better adjust to this re-run? Like the sports announcers that we may or may not be missing would say… Let’s take a look at the replay(s).

OUR PICKS of favorite replays:

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Simplicity. A word from the video worth repeating. Many retirement goals revolve around that word. If you want life to be simpler, you need a plan to simplify different aspects of your retirement goals. You need an adviser who can deliver that when the world is most disruptive. We suggest taking this time to work on exactly that. We have the tools to help you with that

BAIRD 360 Wealth Demo

OR you may also request a comprehensive financial planning questionnaire to get started.

We encourage you to continue to follow whatever Social Distancing is recommended. The Phoenix Baird office remains closed to visitors. However, that doesn’t mean we aren’t answering our phones and emails, and continuing to conduct the business of taking reasonable steps to help you remain on track to achieve your long-term financial goals. Our contact information remains the same: | office 602-224-4961 | cell 602-705-5570 | office 602-224-4963

Lana is still in California, sheltering in place; Michael is working remotely, surrounded by his family at home.

Please continue to have rational, thoughtful conversations with us about what has changed for you in all of this and ways that we can help.