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Perspective 2022

Perspective 2022

February 04, 2022

I’ve been reading (and enjoying) a number of 2022 “outlook” articles, market-related and otherwise. We recently hosted a Market Outlook call for our clients, complete with UberEats gift cards for attendees to enjoy lunch during the call. Who would have thought, looking back, that we would be sharing information and lunch is this virtual way? You can find some of the information shared on our NEWS & INSIGHTS page of the website. You can also find some of our other research partners’ commentaries and videos on that page as well.

I have also shared with a few people “Rover’s Dog People Panel Industry Predictions in 2022.” It seems our attitudes and priorities toward our pets are far more predictable than other outlooks.

So why add to the long list of 2022 predictions? I guess because I feel we have lost some perspective on a few things, or perhaps what matters most when it comes to wealth management. I was inspired to write this by another recent client event—a private viewing of the new Disney movie Sing 2. Don’t think you are too “grown up” to enjoy this movie. It is inspiring in a world where we are experiencing a lot of doubt and frustration. Mathew McConaughey, the star voice of main character Buster Moon, says he hopes the movie encourages audiences to choose their dreams again after a tough couple of years during the pandemic.

It’s interesting to us how this current market volatility has people again pointing to how rough the past couple of years have been, although market performance for 2020 and 2021 has been significant. It really is about perspective, and our perspective is to remain positive, focused on your dreams and goals. We encourage you to continue to work with us to ensure that you’ve done everything you can to plan for the unexpected, while keeping both the joys and challenges in life in perspective.