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Finding Peace of Mind

Finding Peace of Mind

April 01, 2020

FINDING PEACE OF MIND … amid all the stories, statistics, rumors, and gossip is not always easy. We are not suggesting that we have the solution, but we do know we all “control” our own thoughts.

The key is to find that which inspires and energizes you the most within the current state of your life. Sometimes that comes from the most obvious of places; sometimes it comes from the most obscure.

For me (Lana) today the source was this video I received from the tour company (Tauck) my extended family used to tour Italy in October 2018:


This definitely helped find a more peaceful place for my thoughts. Hopefully it helps you too, as we are always more open to information and understanding when our minds are quiet and clear.

COVID-19 Facts

While our branch office is in Arizona, we have clients all over the country. We remain interested not just in what Arizona is doing (stay-at-home orders effective March 31), or California (shelter-in-place order since March 19) -- our second largest concentration of client households, but in all 50 states.

USA Today has been updating regularly How all 50 states are responding to this public health emergency.


For further state-specific information, follow your state’s department of health services.



Google your own state health department: GOOGLE

For facts about the COVID-19 outbreak and related news, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the World Health Organization (WHO) are non-political, objective sources of information,

Market Facts

  • March 31st ending the worst quarter for the S&P since the fourth quarter of 2008, the Dow since the fourth quarter of 1987, and the Nasdaq since the fourth quarter of 2018.
  • Investors should brace for negative headlines – remember that the media loves to use words that elicit emotion – “Plummeting,” “Free-fall,” “Slashed,” “Fear.”
  • History shows stocks bottom before the economy turns higher.
  • Baird’s Investment Strategist, William Delwiche, just published his Macro Update, which includes these facts and more. Read the full version here: Baird Macro Update 3-31-2020

Personal Facts

We’d very much like to hear from each of you – a simple email is great!

Lana Hock – working remotely – currently in California – along with her husband Andrew Trujillo and Joan Jett the Dog. She headed to CA on March 15th, and shortly thereafter began shelter-in-place. They are well, and feeling grateful to have a fully-functioning, technology-rich remote office set-up to be able to maintain business flow. You may reach Lana as follows: | office 602-224-4961 | cell 602-705-5570

You may also request a video teleconference if you’d prefer some direct visual interaction while the Phoenix office remains closed to visitors.

Michael Wagner – working remotely from his home in Lower Arcadia. He is sharing his space with his wife and three daughters. They are all healthy and safe at home. Mike is learning that he has to share his iPad with his oldest daughter Mila and middle daughter Natalie, while they work on school projects and activities to keep them occupied so Krissy can take care of their baby Estee. While his set-up has some obvious challenges, it is an enriching time for him to share some of his daily routine with his young family. You may reach Mike as follows: | office 602-224-4963

As we said last week, we want you to know we are here for you. We are staying informed and are working behind the scenes to organize some informational calls if you might be interested. We also encourage you to forward this email to family members or anyone you believe is obsessing about the markets or could just use some encouragement to stick to their plans.

Let us know what we can do to help.