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Choose Professionals Who Love What They Do

Choose Professionals Who Love What They Do

February 28, 2019

I was on a flight this morning from San Diego to Phoenix - on my favorite airline #LUV. First, I love the new format of the magazine (perhaps it's not that new; I haven't thumbed through it in awhile.) There was a statistic in the magazine, based on a study that claimed only 25% of the people surveyed enjoyed their work.

There have been many self-help books written on the topic of doing what you love, creating your dream, etc. But the realization struck me that I am a minority, not only as a female financial advisor, but also as someone who is truly blessed to do what she loves.

It's hard NOT to love what I do - I have homes in two beautiful locations, Scottsdale, AZ and La Jolla, CA. I "commute" back and forth, set my own hours, work with whom I choose, and basically have autonomy to work in the manner I choose. I enjoy sharing my passions with my clients, and my relationships are not shallow or meaningless.

But as I think about this statistic, my question becomes "why would I ever want to work with another professional who doesn't love what they do?" That should be one of our first questions to anyone we are considering to hire, to take advice from, or just to hang out with.

Let's chat about this!