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Benefits of a Multi-Generational Advisor Team

Benefits of a Multi-Generational Advisor Team

February 07, 2023

From recipes to mantras, my parents passed down many notes and lessons from their parents and generations above. It’s how I learned my family recipes for cheesecake and empanadas, and how I (mostly) stayed out of trouble during my adolescence. It is most certainly how I learned about the passions, loves, and values of my family’s past generations.  Most of us have considered what values we live by or what we’d like to be remembered for.  We try to slow down, live in the present, and make good decisions every single day.  When we work with our trusted professionals, we share our values with them in hopes of support in reaching our goals.

So how does working with a multi-generational team make a difference?

Our finances are another part of our legacy.  We have financial goals; some that we’ve had since childhood, and others that have evolved as we’ve grown. We spend our adult life preparing for our financial goals, hoping we make the best decisions along the way and avoid making major mistakes that could cost us. 

Working with professionals from multiple generations allows us to ensure that these values don’t fall through the cracks. Eventually most of us hope to stop working and retire, and that goes for your most trusted advisors, too.  So, when they retire, the support and guidance you receive from our team will continue. During our financial planning sessions, we want to learn what’s important to you, what values you hold, and what you want to pass along with your legacy. You can rest easy knowing that our team, like your family, is also multi-generational and we’ll make sure to pass along values and behaviors just like you do at home.