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A Collection of Investments

A Collection of Investments

March 12, 2021

I have collected many things throughout my life thus far.

When I was much younger, I collected horse sculptures and figurines. I have a few Frederick Remington bronze sculptures (from my dad), the Lenox International Horse Sculpture collection, too many Breyers to count, and other horse figurines made of bronze, china, crystal, jade, wood, rope, etc. I have moved enough times that most of them are wrapped and packed away in boxes. I always think one day I will take them out - look at them - gift a few - sell some - who knows!?!

More recently, I began collecting female Funko Pop figures. As I shopped in collectible shops for these, this morphed into also collecting some comic books with artistic, powerful female artwork on the covers. I did a virtual event to celebrate International Women's Day 2021 earlier this week, where I gave a glimpse of that collection:

Some may say I have a collection of shoes (is a collection defined by having more of something than one can personally use?), a collection of seashells, a collection of sand from beaches visited, a collection of watches, a collection of art, it goes on and on.

Maybe that is where I get the phrase I use frequently with prospective clients -- a collection of investments. Many people come to me with what I jokingly call a collection of investments. Some of them have great monetary value, some have sentimental value, some have unknown value or unclear rationale for owning them, some don't fit in with anything else, and some are duplicated in multiple accounts for no reason. Having a collection of investments doesn't mean you have done a poor job of investing, it just means it is time to go through the collection, pick out the parts that no longer support your goals or that create overlap through duplication, and consolidate and plan for how you want to use them in a more productive, tax-efficient, cost-effective strategy.

I'd love to see your collection to help you make the most of it!