Who We Are

The Hock Group is an experienced private wealth management team that delivers
the best of advisory services, comprised of investment management, advanced
financial planning and the synergistic expertise that can only be found working
with a team of credentialed partners. By utilizing the vast resources of Baird, we
work in partnership with modern families with complex dynamics and complicated
business ventures to help them create and grow wealth, protect and preserve wealth,
and plan for the distribution of wealth in the most tax-advantageous way over the
span of multiple generations.

Our Mission

Is to connect with and support the specific needs and challenges of modern families in their professional and personal pursuits of financial independence.

The Team

  • Lana E. Hock

    Senior Investment Consultant
    Senior Vice President

    Private Wealth Management

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  • Michael Wagner

    PWM Financial Planner

    Private Wealth Management

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